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Imagine having the freedom to leave the shower and not having to worry about where the water goes when it falls off you?

No longer having to worry about the water seeping under the carpet or linoleum or even under the bath or units where there is no waterproof protection.

A wet room can provide this experience for you.

A traditional type shower means you are restricted to the size of the shower tray. Beyond that point the room is generally not set up to cater for any drips or leakages.

Nowadays, more and more people look to wetrooms to provide a stylish and seamless alternative to the traditional shower suite.  Wet rooms are waterproofed on all sides so that any water runs from your walls to your floor which in turn is made in such a way that all water drains away.

If you are installing a new bathroom or en-suite or remodelling one, it is vital to use the right materials and skills. This will help to make sure that your wet room looks brilliant, but it also ensures it stands the test of time and continues to look great for many years to come!

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    Slip-Resistant Floor Choices for Your Wet Room

    When it comes to wet rooms, the most important factor to consider is the floor material and its slip-resistance. The choice of floor surfacing determines the type of wet room tray that can be used. We have listed some alternatives below.

    wetroom with soft colour tiled and glass shower in Hamilton

    Tiled floor finish 

    The most popular solution, tiled floors provide the most choice. There are numerous types of tiles that can be used. There are also lots of differnet types of undertray that can be used for your wet room. Almost all wetroom trays are designed to accept tiles as a floor.

    Vinyl floor finish

    A vinyl floor finish could be used to build a wet room where the risk of slipping is more significant. However, this limits your choice of trays (vinyl requires a particular type of drain). Historically, vinyl has been used for what is commonly known as “care rooms” in residential homes and disabled areas, etc. However, due to the ever expanding style ranges coming on the market, the vinyl wet room is becoming more popular in the family home.


    Microcement is a relatively new product on the market used for floor finishing. It's a composite based on cement. This type of flooring contains colour pigmentation and water-based resins, which combined produce a decorative finish. There are two types of draining normally used when using microcement, a linear drain is one possibility, but the most suitable product to use would be a floor former. 

    Give us a call to discuss whether this option would be suitable for you.


    One point to note when choosing a wet room floor is that the slip rating needs to be sufficient for the client's needs. Most flooring material has been classed with a slip rating. These ratings are detailed within the HSA and HSE recommendations and we can discuss those with you when choosing flooring within your wet room.


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    Wall Panels are a Great Choice Too!

    showerhead with large dark tiles for the shower in Airdrie

    If speed is the main factor in your remodelling project, wall panels may be the way to go. Bathroom and en-suite wall panels are made of different thicknesses of plastic, moisture resistant MDF and acrylic stone resin for durability while being resistant to water and colour loss.

    Some of the main benefits of wall panels are 

    • the installation process is more straightforward as you don't need to grout and it generally comes in large sheets
    • a wall panel is 100% water-proof 
    • installation is faster, on average, typically a few hours whereas tiling can take up a few days
    • the on-going maintenance is also easy and a hygienic choice as you only have to maintain the silicone seal  

    Our team would be happy to visit your home before preparing an accurate and reliable quotation.

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    Common Questions on Wet Rooms and Wall Panels by Lanarkshire Tilers

    What does wet room mean?

    A: A wet room means that due to the waterproofing (or tanking) of the room then there is no danger of water leakage elsewhere. This allows you to do away with enclosures or shower screens. Sometimes people get concerned with the idea of a full waterproof room but normally we remind them of public swimming pool areas or school showers where wet-rooms have been used successfully for many years.

    Are wet rooms a good idea?

    A: Fully tanked rooms bring a stylish area to any bathroom or en-suite. In our opinion the "wow" factor easily outweighs any initial costs. Plus it's easier to clean!!

    What is the difference between a wet room and a shower room?

    A: As mentioned above wet-rooms do not require any panels or enclosures. Most wet-rooms drain away to a central drain whereas a shower normally has a dedicated drain only for the shower area. 

    Is a wet room expensive?

    A: They don't have to be crazily expensive. The norm is 20-30% more expensive but in our opinion the convenience, looks and resale potential easily makes up for any initial cost.

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