Wall Tilers and Floor Tilers in Lanarkshire? We Can Help!

Lanarkshire Wall Tilers and Floor Tilers are Here For You!

Our experienced tilers can cover all aspects of wall and floor tiling in residential and commercial properties. From small jobs to large, we can do them all. We like to start by visiting your property, exploring your tile ideas, surveying and measuring the rooms you are looking to enhance.

Here are some of the techniques that we follow : 

  • Measure the area, noting any areas that require additional attention
  • Remove any existing tiles if needed and disposing of
  • Ensuring the tiling surface is prepared, such as levelling floors or taking account of any walls which are not level
  • Arranging and installing wall or floor tiles in different patterns such as vertical & horizontal brick, diagonals, step ladder, etc
  • Grouting and polishing your newly tiled area to ensure good looks, maximum longevity, and easiest maintenance;

Previous projects :

  • Residential projects such as laying tiles for a range of rooms and not limited to kitchen splashbacks, floor tiling, wall tiling, bathroom tiling, en-suite tiling, kitchen tiling, hallways, stairs, and external areas
  • Commercial projects such as hotel bathrooms and lobby of a new office building using durable tiles 

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    Can you Tile a Wall or Floor yourself?

    Our wall tilers and floor tilers can perform any pattern. Here we are hard at work in East Kilbride

    Our wall tilers and floor tilers can perform any pattern. Here we are hard at work in East Kilbride

    Of course, you can. However, there's a vast difference between "that'll do" and "that's a great looking job."

    With patience, time, knowledge, and the right tools, you could probably do a good job but do you really want to practice in your own home?

    Our trained wall tilers and floor tilers have different techniques that they have collated over the years. To assist you, we have detailed some of those techniques below and some information on the tools required to do a professional job.

    Our wall tilers will come prepared with the correct tools for the project,

    •  whether it is the standard tiling tools (safety equipment, notched trowels, spacers, various spirit levels, numerous tile cutters, etc.) or 
    • that one specialised tool you'll only need once but will need halfway through the project (there is always one!) 

    Knowing what type of tiles to buy. Our experience has taught us: 

    • floor tiles can be used on the wall .. but not the other way around
    • the best use for ceramic, porcelain, granite, etc., 
    • the best adhesive to use for each
    • the correct density, durability, and slip rating are used in the bath/shower area or wet room. 

    We can leverage our supplier relationships 

    • not only to get the best value for any products but also 
    • to keep up to date on any new releases and materials

    Knowing how to perform tiling techniques such as: 

    • laying out various different patterns, you'd be surprised how many potential layouts there are
    • levelling a floor, whether it be a base of a concrete or wooden floor.
    • ensuring walls which "run-off" is catered for
    • cutting and installing tiles for around windows, electric outlets, and even round/curved fixtures, 
    • joining tiles on both internal and external corners
    • Purchase the correct amount and type of adhesive, grout, and sealant, so you don't buy too much (or too little), you'll be surprised how many people but too much or too little
    • knowing which ones work best on walls and/or floors. This can result in tiles coming off the wall if incorrect adhesive used
    • as well as the time it takes to cure & dry during each stage. 

    All of the above is undoubtedly achievable by yourselves, but you will spend time and effort planning the project, researching the tiles and materials & techniques, and hoping............ 

    Instead of going through this time and effort, why don't you let us take on the next project! We can help.


    Common Question about Lanarkshire Floor Tilers and Wall Tilers

    How much do tilers earn UK?

    A: Typically Wall and Floor Tilers earn between £200 to £250 per day. In the likes of Aberdeen and down South the figures are higher. 

    How do you start tiling a wall?

    A: After marking out the walls, our Wall Tilers generally start in the middle of the wall. ensuring that each side is of an equal distance to each wall. You don't want a wide tile on one side and a sliver on the other if you can help it.

    Should you tile all walls in a small bathroom?

    A: This is a personal choice. Some people like to tile all walls, some like a feature wall, some like to tile "so high" all the way round. Our one piece of advice though is that smaller bathrooms benefit from smaller tiles. Larger tiles tend to make a small bathroom look even smaller.

    Do you tile wall or floor first?

    A: We always tile the walls first. We leave the appropriate gap for the floors but more importantly, there is less chance to any floor damage by doing the flooring last.

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