Underfloor Heating is Fantastic to Keep the Toes Warm!

When you install an under-floor heating system, whether it be the electric mat type or wet/radiant, you don't just get the benefit of warm toes. It can also be used as another heating source for the area.

You can install underfloor heating systems in an individual room, e.g., bathroom, kitchen or a new extension, or the entire house, depending on your preference.  

We can fit your new heated floor system under most floor finishes such as wood, vinyl, carpet, laminate tile, and stone. Of course, your new underfloor heating system will be constructed with the most recent and highest quality materials, so you don't have to worry about durability.

Our experienced professionals will ensure that the heated flooring is implemented safely and efficiently and that there are no cold spots, which is a common issue on some installations. Whether you are looking for electric or a wet installation in your renovation or new-build, we can help make your area as cosy as it can be.

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