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Lanarkshire Tiling Contractors - Happy to Assist in Your Major Projects

We don't have project size limits here at Lanarkshire Tilers. Our Tiling Contractors can handle both small and larger projects efficiently and aim to exceed any expectations you as the customer may have.

Our experienced tilers can work with all types of tiles and on all surfaces! We aim to keep tiling costs fair while building healthy relationships that we hope will continue. Your satisfaction is our goal. 

We also pride ourselves on being highly responsive and efficient while working hard to offer no-mess tiling services.

We follow the appropriate guidelines and regulations, and our safety measures are built-in as standard. 

As the leading wall and tiling company in Lanarkshire, we provide a wide range of services such as removing existing tiles, laying new tiles, crack prevention, mould prevention, floor levelling, installing electric and wet underfloor heating, and waterproofing systems. 

See our other pages if any of the above are of interest.

If you need any of the services or have questions, please don't hesitate to call us. 

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    Further Reasons to Contact Lanarkshire Tilers for Your New or Ongoing Projects

    Commercial office tiled floor in Motherwell, laid by our Tiling Contractors

    Commercial office tiled floor in Motherwell, laid by our Tiling Contractors

     If required, we are happy to provide safety risk and mitigation assessments that underpin our commitment to health and safety regulations.

    • Our reputation has been built from our team's quality and efficiency of work, thus enabling repeat business
    • We carefully plan your project with the help of our senior tilers to ensure everything goes as expected. Effective planning saves time and resources 
    • We stand by our competitive pricing due to our experience and our long-standing relationship with our tile & material suppliers
    • Our team of Tiling Contractors are fully covered for liability insurance for any commercial/contract tiling projects.

    Delivering on time and within budget are further goals. We achieve this by having our professional installers working on a plan and support from our senior tilers. 

    Our professional relationships continue to grow due to the trust gained over the years. We aim to work smoothly and seamlessly alongside other contracting teams throughout delivery. Our tiling contractors pride themselves on being able to work in tandem with other tradesmen. We know how difficult it can be to get tradesmen to work together as some demand to work alone or within their own timeframe. We are not like that. it is our aim to ensure you hit your milestones, within budget while ensuring the client is exceptionally pleased with the result. 

    Our senior staff can offer advice on pricing any floor and wall tiling packages, materials, and installation if required. This can help in assisting in demonstrating your understanding of your clients' core needs and budgeting requirements.

    On larger projects, if required, our qualified project managers can be on-site to manage and supervise the team at all times, from project start all the way through to completion.

    We have a small team of tilers for general tiling purposes but have access to numerous other experienced and reliable tilers should the project some serious manpower. We currently assist other tiling companies when they have needs and they obviously reciprocate when required.

    Why not give us a call now to discuss how we can help Your company grow?


    Regular Questions we get for Tiling Contractors

    How much is tiling per sqm?

    A typical cost per square metre of ceramic tiling is £35-£38. Porcelain can be up to £10 more. This cost would reduce for commerical metreage. Please contact us to discuss your requirements

    How much does a tiler earn a day?

    On a commerical contract the earnings vary dependent on the job. It can be a day rate or can be based on metreage per day. Metreage per day can differ if the tiles are larger/smaller or whether the room/s are larger such as hotel lobbies or commercial kitchens.

    How do you price a tile job?

    As above we like to view the area prior to quoting as we need to see how complex the job is, what tiles are to be used, what the access is like etc. We are always happy to discuss how best to help your project. Give us a call now.

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