Kitchen Tilers and Tiling Services in the Lanarkshire Area

Lanarkshire Kitchen Tilers, Happy to Help Out With Your Projects

In the majority of houses, the kitchen is at the very heart of the home. Our kitchen tilers know how to bring your great ideas to life, making your kitchen a warm place to entertain your friends and family.

Our goal is to make your kitchen look unique. When installing your kitchen splashbacks, wall, or floor tiles, we aim for this.

At Lanarkshire Tilers, we have a team of people who can assist you in any interior design advice for any kitchen improvement project. To understand what you really need, it may be best to send appraisal and installation teams to complete site inspections. However, if you are confident in what you require, we can quote based on your needs. 

We are happy to perform installations for residential and commercial properties.

Often we need to work alongside other tradespeople to ensure the customer can meet their deadlines. We are always happy to be part of your team and will do our utmost to deliver what you need when you need.

We take pride in our finished product, and part of this means no mess and minimum disruption. Our kitchen tilers represent our company and know how much our reputation means to us. 

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    Quality Kitchen Tilers for Your Home

    kitchen with white brick tiled wall and large tiled floor in Coatbridge

    We fully stand by our quotation for your new build or kitchen refurbishment and take the time to ...

    • know the types, size, and pattern of tiles we are using for the walls, floor, and splashback; 
    • ensure an accurate measure occurs; 
    • use our years of experience to determine which grouts, adhesives, and sealants to use, and ensure the result is durable and looks great.

    ... all which gives us full confidence that we can deliver as promised. 

    By providing this comprehensive service, you can see what's involved in the piece of work. We try to remove any scenario that some kitchen tilers like to perform, which is "quote cheap then run up additional charges for more materials". Or, who overquote for more than you need! This is not how we work. Our reputation means everything to us.

    As well as providing genuinely honest advice, Lanarkshire Tilers offer a transparent price for materials and labour, making it a free quote that you can trust.

    Kitchen Tile Ideas and Trends

    kitchen with wall panels and mosaic floor tiles

    We take great pleasure in bringing your kitchen design to fruition. If you have the kitchen tile ideas but need a little bit of direction, whether it be tile type or pattern or even some colour co-ordination advice, we can assist!

    Or if you have a blank canvas or would like some ideas and are looking for a popular style, we can assist here too.  


    There are multiple design trends out there, and we've fitted many different types and flavours. 


    Patterned or encaustic tiles are ever popular. Hexagonal tiles and hexagonal patterns, dark and dramatic tiles walls are also fashionable just now. Of course, the traditional brick, diagonal, classic straight up and down tiles still take up most of our workload.

    There really is no limit to what can be installed nowadays.

    Common Questions about Kitchen Tilers answered by Lanarkshire Tilers

    How much does it cost to tile a kitchen UK?

    A: This is tricky to answer as it all depends on the size of the kitchen. Whether it's to be covered in wall tiles only or floor too. How many units are fitted. How many windows to be tiled round etc.  The best way to ascertain the costs are to give us a call and we can advise.

    How much does it cost to tile a kitchen backsplash UK?

    A: Again this is difficult to answer as it depends on whether it's one wall of tiles only. Some galley kitchens have two splashbacks. Some continue the splashbacks all the way round the room.
    Also it depends on what the height is to be. Some require their splashback to be one or two tiles high, others ask for the splashbacks to go to the bottom of the wall cabinets.

    How long should it take to tile a kitchen?

    A: 2-3 days is the norm as we always have to return the next day to apply the grout, clean the tiles and then polish.

    How long does it take to tile a small kitchen?

    A: 1.5-2 days is the norm as we always have to return the next day to apply the grout, clean the tiles and then polish.

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