Bathroom Tilers and Tiling Services in Lanarkshire

Lanarkshire Bathroom Tilers can help you achieve your Dream Bathroom

Hiring a professional for your Bathroom Tiling isn’t a requirement, but we would recommend it. Our bathroom tilers have many years of experience, and they’ll make sure the installation is done correctly. We have the knowledge to deal with issues like uneven flooring, loose tiles, and more. Cutting those awkward tiles to fit those awkward places is our bread and butter.

In a typical family bathroom, there are splashes and puddles from the bath, the shower, towels, water fights, all can leave pools of water on your floor. The water-resistant properties of tiles make them the perfect choice to solve these problems. 

If you are ready for a new look, whether it be walls, flooring, or both in your bathroom or en-suite, let our expert bathroom tilers help you. We can assist with any tile selection and layout and installation, ensuring everything looks absolutely perfect before we’re finished. With our expertise and experience, you can be rest assured that you’ll be delighted with your new bathroom or en-suite. Call us today if you require any advice or you are ready to get an estimate for your bathroom/en-suite today.



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    Our Bathroom Tilers in Lanarkshire can Transform Your Existing Room Into Something New & Fresh

    elegant bathroom with dark floor tiles in Airdrie

    Are your bathroom or en-suite tiles looking a little worn, are maybe a little outdated, or are they damaged? If so, perhaps now's the time to think about new ones

    Our expert bathroom tilers can assist in

    • help choose new tiles, 
    • removing any existing tiles & fixtures,
    • prepare the surface
    • laying the tiles in the design, you have chosen.

    The steps below will give you an idea of how our bathroom fitters will renovate your master bathroom or en-suite.

    • First, Preparation. To achieve this, we cover all exposed surfaces and start lining out the new tiles. We line the tiles on a level surface, such as a batten, to ensure that they are spaced evenly. 
    • Scoring the wall or floor using the trowel's edge and spread tile adhesive consistently
    • Our tilers then start building in a grid pattern, using a master tile for guidance, in the same direction, We use a tile cutter to cut around any fittings or fixtures you have in place, laying the tiles in your design
    • After laying the tiles, we remove any excess adhesive from the tiles and let them dry.
    • When completely tiled, grout is applied, any excess removed, trim added if required, and finally, all tiles polished to give that professional finish.


    How Our Lanarkshire Bathroom Tilers Can Bring Your Ideas Alive

    extra large floor tiles in Bellshill

    Our bathroom tilers use the best adhesive and grouting products to ensure we produce the best and most pristine job possible. We seal and polish after every installation to ensure it looks as good as it can be.  


    There's nothing worse than being provided with a bill at the end of a job that doesn't reflect the initial quotation. It always leaves a bad taste in the mouth. Unless circumstances change, we strive to ensure the invoice reflects what we agreed initially. We know you don't like nasty surprises. No one does. 

    What's the next step?

    Give us a call for a no-obligation visit to your home or workplace. We can measure the area, advise on the tile requirements, and provide a free quotation.

    Tiling your bathroom or en-suite can include some tricky and intricate cutting around fixtures. You'll also want any wall-mounted items and other bathroom accessories re-attached after the tiling is complete.

    Fortunately, this company's flexible and friendly bathroom fitters are always happy to respond to individual requests.

    Ready to get the best tilers Lanarkshire offers? Give us a call.

    Common Questions for our Bathroom Tilers in Lanarkshire

    How much does it cost to retile a small bathroom?

    A: This is tricky to answer as it all depends on the size of the bathroom. Whether it's to be covered in wall tiles only or floor too. How many units are fitted. How many windows to be tiled round etc.  The best way to ascertain the costs are to give us a call and we can advise.

    Can you tile a bathroom in one day?

    A: The short answer is yes but it also depends. If it's a large bathroom with lots of cutting then maybe not. If it's complex and you are looking to also do the floor then maybe we are looking at 2/3 days. We always recommend waiting 24 hours before walking on a floor but there are quicker drying adhesives on the market. So to recap. If the bathroom is straight forward and walls only then there's ususally no reason why it couldn't be done in a day. if it's a bit larger then a second day may be needed for grouting and polishing. If floor tiles are needed then again this takes time to set.........

    Is tiling a bathroom expensive?

    A: This depends on the size, complexity and materials used. A small, straight forward bathroom tiled with plain ceramic tiles will obviously be cheaper than a large intricate bathroom tiled with marble. We are happy to advise on materials and costs.

      Should you tile a bathroom before fitting?

    A: This is an easy one. It is always better, easier and in our opinion, a better finish if the floor tiles are fitted PRIOR to bathroom fittings. However, we know this is not always possible and our guys are happy to tile around existing fittings.

    Ready for a new Tiling Experience?